How to File a Mishap

During a recent Safety Survey, it came to my attention that we are all supposed to go through training on how to “File a Mishap”.  So please at your earliest convenience go into eServices and complete the training.  Here is a link

This is an introductory lesson and quiz on the new Civil Air Patrol Safety Management System (SMS) that covers the topic of filing a NEW mishap in the system. When completed, the member should be able to file an initial notification without any complications or questions and be in compliance with CAP Regulation 62-2, Mishap Reporting and Review, requirements

Winter Flying Operations / Winter Driving Tips

During our November squadron meeting we reviewed the mandatory Winter Flying Ops presentation followed by a presentation on winter driving preparedness and safety tips.  The Winter Flying Ops briefing is mandatory for all pilots.  If you missed the meeting please review the attached presentation.  If yiou have questions afetr reviewing the presentation be sure to ask.

FAA Safety Seminar and Hydration

Our September safety briefing consisted of a FAA Safety Seminar covering the ongoing construction at the Bismarck airport, comments and questions for ATC, What’s New in the State presented by Larry Taborsky of the aeronautics commission, FAA aircraft re regsitration procedures, and a great presentation on weather by Patrick Ayd of the weather service. I have included a link to the NASA tailplane icing video that was mentioned during the weather presentation. I encourage all aircrew to watch the video as it contains some great information and winter flying and icing conditions will soon be upon us.

Aircrews need to brush up on their winter flying knowledge as we will soon be looking at fall in the rear view mirror.

Cadets held a separate meeting and reviewed the hydration power point presentation available on e-services under the Online Safety Education selection. Other online safety education available on the web site includes three online ORM courses. I would encourage all members to work through these ORM courses.

The Impossible Turn

As part of our February squadron meeting we viewed and discussed the AOPA Safety Foundation’s “The Impossible Turn” video. If you missed the meeting you can view the video when you have a few minutes. For a ground topic we discussed driving safety on dirt rods during the spring season when shoulders are prone to be extra soft and one could easily roll the van if you were to drive too closely to the edge of the roadway.

As a reminder, please check to ensure you are current with your safety education before volunteering for a mission or excercise.